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March 16th, 2012

So about those carrots.

So… about those carrots.

They cleaned up pretty well! These are all the crooked, split, or otherwise imperfect carrots. (What happened to the perfect carrots? We’ll get to that later.)

After they were scrubbed, I peeled them and cut out the damaged sections. There were a lot of damaged sections. There wasn’t much left, but it was enough to contribute to a small crockpot vegetable stew.

I chopped up a few of the smaller carrots to dehydrate; they’ll be good to put in split pea soup later.

They shrank A LOT. I should have used the solid tray liner, because at least two teaspoons of dried carrots had to be rescued from the bottom of the dehydrator.

But it was the perfect amount to fit in this tiny storage jar! The scale isn’t obvious in this photo, but the jar is about as tall as the palm of my hand, and maybe two inches in diameter. It is the cutest storage jar I own.

And what happened to the perfect carrots? Well, they were being stored in an insulated bin in the garage over the winter, and then Texas decided to have a 60-80 F “winter”. I, erm, forgot about the carrots and when I finally remembered to check on them, they’d sprouted a nice beard of fungus. Boo!

I didn’t take a photo of that. ;)

. . . .

I removed “a bunch of red cherry shrimp” from my about me section. They were dying at the rate of about one every week or two, and I haven’t seen any in over a month. I don’t know what went wrong. All my water parameters were perfect; I even bought a fancy chemistry-set-esque test kit in case my cheap-o paper strips weren’t accurate, but they were. The water temperature was fine, there weren’t any hydra paralyzing them like the first unfortunate batch. The only thing I can think of is that there is something either leaching from the house pipes or that is in the tap water (they’re very sensitive to copper, for example). I found out the water treatment I was using doesn’t bind metals, only chlorine and chloramines. If I ever decide to get more, I’ll get a different water treatment product, and a copper test kit to check beforehand. But that won’t be any time soon; having so many shrimp die is frustrating and depressing! For now I’m content with my overgrown aquatic jungle and bajillion tiny snails.

And five cats, two rats (who just had their second birthday!), and fat & sassy composting worms.

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