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February 5th, 2012


I bought grapes just to try making raisins. After washing and de-stemming, I punctured the skins with a fork to help the juice evaporate more easily.

Thirtysomething(!) hours later…

Several are missing because I had to, uh, ensure quality control. I added the screen halfway through the drying time because some of the smaller grapes/raisins (graisins?) were starting to fall through the tray slats.

They’re delicious; more flavorful and larger than store-bought. However, unless I somehow find access to bulk amounts of cheap/free grapes, they aren’t cost-effective enough to justify making them into raisins on a regular basis.

It was a fun experiment, though!

. . . .

And on a sad note, I had to throw out one of the cans of kidney beans because the seal failed. So far the other is still looking good.

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